Balint Laczko is an electronic music composer, music technologist and developer in Oslo.

As a composer, his main focus is on data-driven composition and 3D sound. In his compositions for fixed media, he aims to bring out the sense of physicality and presence from his recordings of various real world objects. Sampling is central to his musical practice, and his works often explore the relationships between a large number of sound events as a means of creating dense and vibrant soundscapes.

He is deeply inspired by technology and the creative possibilities opened up by modern audiovisual software, programming, and Big Data. In addition to his compositions for fixed media, he also works on real-time installations and instruments that often incorporate 3D sound and visual elements.

In addition to his creative practice, he also works as a developer in computer vision and deep learning, and as a teacher of creative programming.

His musical path to electronic music led him through classical music, rock and metal, contemporary ensembles, and orchestral music. He earned a master's degree in classical composition at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest (2017) and in performance technology and electroacoustic music at the Norwegian Academy of Music (2021). His teachers were Natasha Barrett, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, László Vidovszky and Andrea Szigetvári.